Gemstones aurora borealis SS10 – 50 Pack

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gemstones are a beautiful accessory to any nail design and these gems are specifically designed to sparkle and shine in any shape or size.

gemstones aurora borealis are transparent with iridescent pigments for a intense super sparkle effect.

there are many ways to apply gemstones to your nail design:

use a small amount of tip glue or clear nail polish the size of the gem stone on to the desired area on the nail and drop the gem onto the glue or polish using a pick up tool.  allow to dry completely.

apply a small amount of gel polish or builder gel the size of a stone onto the desired area on your nail, and pick up the gem with a pick up tool drop the gem on top of the gel or polish and cure for 30 secs under an LED or 2 mins using a UV lamp (builder gel must be cured under a UV lamp)

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